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Sunday, 8 January 2012


I think Steph finally got over my freelance contemporary art sculptures just before Christmas when this bespoke item left the Cheshire workshop for its new life in Bedfordshire, gracing the garden of Leighton’s second best Bass player.

Bespoke Art by Jon Cheshire

When I say she got over it, I really mean it didn’t ‘get under her feet anymore when she went into the barn! So with that gone a small amount of room emerged, in which you could possibly swing a small compliant cat, or stash other important stuff. In the absence of an understanding circus based feline it was given over to other stuff and the now completed Pirates chest. So just prior to xmas, it was a little bit of a shock for her to find a huge steamer trunk plonked on the kitchen floor as my next project. When she protested I had to admit it was in fact slightly worse than she first thought because the bloke had actually sold me TWO! Obviously things have moved on with ONE of the steamers now, and a shabby chic new home will be found for it once I have located and fitted a lock to the front.

Sorry it is a bit out of focus and still without a

Today I went to the car boot again and purchased a vintage kitchen scale for the ongoing relentless money making refurbishment of uk.

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