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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Swiss miss

The recent heart warming story about the Cory drain technician Arron Large who found a £21k Rolex watch in an Essex sewer system, then found another two the day after reminded me of my recent brush with untold riches. Having been a bit strapped for cash over the last 49 years I was enthused just before Xmas by my mother’s mention of a gents and ladies watch that was for sale at the charity shop that she works in. She couldn’t remember all the details but stated that they both were silver in colour with a dark blue face and had a certificate of authenticity by the manufacturer. When pushed on the subject of the maker she suggested that it started with an O, AND the gent’s box had an original price ticket of about £300 quid on the outside of the box. After a little digging around on the interweb I surmised that the two watches must be made by the Swiss manufacturer Oris who’s site didn’t display a timepiece of a similar description under about two grand so I acted cool as I called her back and stated that I would be happy to give the asking price of fifteen pounds each. My mum called the shop and the two watches were safely stashed in the safe until she next went in. Unlike Saint Arron Large who doesn’t want to build his hopes up of a mad mid March cash bonanza I had already spent the monies that I would be assured from some of London’s top watch emporiums. In fact due to the lure of easy cash I even became a bit of an expert on the tip top Swiss manufacturer and it’s authorised outlets for the more discerning ‘buy em cheap and sell em big’ charity shop scammer. Unfortunately, when she next went in it was found that the timepieces were not actually Oris but some bizarre far eastern persuasion and the local watch shop suggested that either could be bought over the web for about £20 quid AND batteries for both would be about £18 pounds. So this now begs the question of what kind of twisted twat would put a price ticket of £300 on a crappy watch and then donate it to a charity shop.

A watch similar to the one I didn't buy
What’s wrong with the world?